Star-Crossed Lovers

"..It's a very mysterious thing,
that electric thing that happens,
and then the agony that can follow.
The troubadours celebrate the agony.
of the love, the sickness the
doctors cannot cure, the wounded...
The wound is the wound of my passion
and the agony of my love for this creature.
The only one who can heal me
is the one who delivered the blow."

The Power of Myth

Heloise to Abelard
Catherine of Aragon to Henry VIII of England
Robert Emmet to Sarah Curran
John Keats to Fanny Brawne
Peter Withers to his wife, Mary Ann
Fanny Kemble to Pierce Butler
Zelda Sayre to F. Scott Fitzgerald
Franz Kafka to Milená Jesenská

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Text from
Famous Love Letters
Messages of Intimacy and Passion
Edited by Ronald Tamplin