Sequestration and Social Upheaval: Madeley, Shropshire, and the English Revolution

During the Civil War certain tenants and others seized the sequestrated estate of their Catholic-Royalist landlord.

Civil War Squatters in the Middlewich House of Correction

In Cheshire.

The Story of a Gentleman's House in the English Revolution

That of Humfrey Noye, heir of Charles I's attorney general. During 1643 the Parliamentarians leased it to a barrel-maker, who took advantage, with others, to plunder it.

Thomas Ellison, the Hixon Estate and the Civil War

County Durham. Ellison, a shepherd, was a military messenger for Parliament at the height of the English Civil War. As a reward, Parliament leased to him the sequestrated estate of a family of minor Catholic gentry.

Sir George Middleton of Leighton and his Tenants in the Civil War period

The tenants of this Royalist Lancashire landlord took advantage of the disruption of the 1640s to temporarily overthrow his authority.