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Appendix 1

Year-by-year lists of rulers, 1621 - 1664

The basic data here is taken from the Aldermanic repertories; additional information has been added as indicated. Rulers were sworn each year according to the formula `overseers and rulers elected and sworn for the ensuing year' or similar. Individual rulers elected at odd times of the year (to replace those deceased or resigned) sometimes escape detection. Names are reproduced as they were spelt in the Aldermanic repertories. There is more than a little inconsistency in spelling. Isaac Gapper's name, for example, is variously spelt `Capper', `Copper' and `Gayer'. We cannot always be sure that such variations apply to the same ruler. Cf. the seniority rule (see Chapter 2, section `The Ruling Group').

6 March 1620/1:
John Tyson, David Sheffield, John Cottrell, Thomas Edwin, James haynes.
(Rep. 35, fo.123)
13 March: Thomas Pymer, fisherman.
(Ib., fo.129)
22 March: Edward Buckland of Kingston and John Stoner of Greenwich.
(Ib., fo.136b)

7 March 1621/2:
Thomas Eddwin, James haynes, Davye[?] Sheffeild, John Cottrell, Thomas Prydmer, Thomas Greene, Andrew Bartlett, John Tyson. Tyson absent.
(Rep. 26, fos.79b-80a)

4 March 1622/3:
Jacob M[?W]eade, Andrew Bartlett, Jobe e__ell, John Tailor, xposer [Christopher] Collier, Nowell Warner, John Kelloch. Warner, Kelloch, Lucas absent.
(Rep. 37, fo.108b)
6 March: Andrew Lucas; Thomas Greene in place of Nowell Warner.
(Ib., fo.112b)
27 March 1623: Edward Waller.
(Ib., fo.136b)
3 July: Edward Buckland.
(Ib., fo.*)
23 Oct: Thomas Webster in place of Edward Waller.
(Ib., fo.282b)

2 March 1623/4:
John Taylor, Jobe _e__ell, Andrew Lucas, Thomas Webster, Nicholas Norman, Willm Adams, Anthonie Langley.
(Rep. 38 fo.79)

3 March 1624/5:
Roger Watts, Nicholas Norman, Anthonie Langley, Robert Clarke, Andrew Bartlett, Nicholas Bateman, Edmond Platt, David Parry.
(Rep. 39, fo.121b)

2 March 1625/6:
Andrew Bartlett, Edward Platt, Nicholas Bateman, David Parrye, Richard Angell, John Church, Thomas Edwyn, hercules Somers.
(Rep. 40, fo.146b)

6 March 1626/7:
John Kellett, Thomas Edwin, Nowell Warner, hercules Somers, John Church, Phillipp Middleton, Symon Wright, Thomas Burnam.
(Rep. 41, fo.43b)

4 March 1627/8:
Nowell Warner, Robt. Clarke, Thomas Burnham, Symon White, John Lee, Tho. Consett, Edward Spencer, Edmond Chambers.
(Rep. 42, fo.113a)

3 March 1628/9:
Edward Spencer, John Lee, Thomas Consett, [?]Edward Chambers, Richard Hutchins, John Dauies, John Smith, Walter Consent. Hutchins immediately resigned and was replaced by Robert Gibbs.
(Rep. 43, fos.117a, 120a)
* March 1628/9: John Vaws [?in place of Walter Consett] (Ib., fo.136a)

2 March 1629/30:
John ffosse, John Smyth, Thomas Edwyn, Aron Evans, John Tailor, Isaac Capper, Anthony Bell, Xhoser [Christopher] Meyres.
(Rep. 44, fo.156b)

3 March 1630/1:
Thomas Edwyn, John Tailor, Isaac Copper, Adrian Evans, Robt. Bartlett, Thomas Bray, Tilbury Strange, Robert Lovelace.
(Rep. 45, fo.177)
[Thos. Edwin, Andrew Bartlett, John Taylor, Isaac Gapper, Tho. Bray, Tilbury Strange, Aaron Evans, Robert Lovedale, rulers of the Company: SP 16/196, fo.61, ?11 July 1631]

6 March 1631/2:
Andrew Bartlett, Robert Lovedale, John Peirce, Thomas Consett, Edward Goodman, William Smith, Thomas Burnam, James Haynes.
(Rep. 46, fo.126b)

7 March 1632/3:
Thomas Burnam, Thomas Consett, John Peirce, Robert Clarke, Edward Cottrell, Walter Davys, James Howe, David Parry.
(Rep. 47, fo.151)

4 March 1633/4:
Thomas Consett, Robert Clarke, James Howe, Edward Cottrell, Andrew Lucas, Isaac Copper,* Hercules Somers, Thomas [?]Warren.
(Rep. 48, fo.122b)

* `Gapper': Humpherus, I, p.224. abbreviations

3 March 1634/5:
Andrew Lucas, Hercules Somers, Isaac Gayer, Davie Parry, David Sheffield, Christopher Meirs, Walter Davis, Simon Wright.
(Rep. 49, fo.112b)

3 March 1635/6:
David Sheffield, David Parry, Simon Wright, Walter Da__y, Thomas Burnham, Robert Clerke, Edward Goodman, Edmund Chambers.
(Rep. 50, fo.136b)

2 March 1636/7:
Robert Clarke, Thomas Burnham, Edward[?-mond] Chambers, Edward Goodman, Thomas Consett, Edward Cottrell, John Kirkham, John ffosse.
(Rep. 51, fo.88)

6 March 1637/8:
Thomas Consett, John ffosse, Edward Cottrell, John Kirkham, John Taylor, Nowell Warnr, James Howe, Tilbury Strange.
(Rep. 52, fo.106)

5 March 1638/9:
Robert Clarke, John Taylor, Tilbury Strange, Walter Davys, Robt. Meredith, John Brafferton, Willm. Rashborowe, Thomas Blacke.
(Rep. 53, fo.125)
7 Nov. 1639: Richard Arthur.
(Rep. 54, fo.1b)

5 March 1639/40:
Walter Davys, Richard Arthure, Robert Meredith, John Brafferton, Thomas Sibson, John Edwyn, Andrew Lucas, Henry Russell, John Peirce.
(Rep. 54, fo.112b)
14 April 1640: Robt. Combe.
(Ib., fo.138b)

2 March 1640/41:
Thomas Sibson, John Peirce, Henry Russell, Robert Coomes, Robert Clarke, William Smith, Thomas Black, Richard Greene. Greene absent at swearing of rulers.
(Rep. 55, fo.89b)

3 March 1641/2:
John Browne, Robert Bursey, John Harris, George Lacy, John Crispine, Richard Bluckland, Hugh Dutton, Richard Truner.
(Rep. 55, fo.383b)

9 March 1642/3:
Phillipp Howard, Alexander Robert, Nicholas Nelson, Gilbert Smith, Thomas Blackman, Tobie Urian, Richard Hutchins, Mathewe Price.
(Rep. 56, fo.125)

7 March 1643/4:
George kettle, Thomas Lowe, Xhos [Christopher] Parker, John Nowell, Edward Gore, Richard Perkins, George Lewis, Willm Blackwell.
(Rep. 57, part 1, fo.77b)

4 March 1644/5:
Christopher Parker, Thomas Rowe, William Blackwell, John Nowell, Willm Trulucke, George Archby, Peter Yonge, Richard Hurleburt.
(Rep. 57, part 2, fos.72b - 73a)

3 March 1645/6:
Peter Yonge, William Trulucke, Richard ffarthinge, George Hicks, Iohn Lin, Thom Sewell, Martin Crawley, Iohn Bartlett.
(Rep. 58, part 1, fos.75a & b)

4 March 1646/7:
Robert Meredith, Thomas Price, George Hicks, John Lyn, Martin Crawley, Thomas Seawell, Thomas Bleake, John Coulson. Bleake absent at swearing of rulers; Jo. Bartlett sworn in his place.
(Rep. 58, part 2, fos.73, 75)

9 March 1647/8:
Thomas Price, Rob Meredith, John Coulson, William Goodale, Rob Browne, William ffoster, John Clarke, Marmaduke Hudson. Clarke absent; John Charles sworn, 14 March.
(Rep. 59, fos.166, ?168b)

9 May 1649:
Willm Goodale, John Clarke, Henry Williams, John Hall, Willm Benning, Richard Nutt, Nicholas Nash, Dennis Hobson. Nash absent; sworn 20 June.
(Rep. 59, fos.413b, 426)

5 March 1649/50:
Richard Powell, Edward Godwin, John Batty, William Hopkins, John Hall, Henry Williams, Dennis Hobson, Willm Bromage. Hopkins absent.
(Rep. 60, fo.76b)

10 March 1650/1:
Richard Powell, John Buttor, Edward Goslyn, William Hopkins, George Spirre, John Watson, John Stanford, William Cheesman.
(Rep. 61, fo.84b)

9 March 1651/2:
John Stanford, William Cheesman, John Watson, George Spurre, Richard Nutt, ffrancis Vaughan, William Bromwich, Richard Bartlett.
(Rep. 62, fo.81b)

8 March 1652/3:
Richard Nutt, Richard Bartlett, William Bromwich, ffrancis Vaughan, John Cooke, Robert Coomes, Nich_vs Osborne, Thomas Waters. Cooke absent; William Goodale sworn, 15 March.
(Rep. 62, fos.258b, 263a)

7 March 1653/4:
Thomas Waters, Nichas. Osborne, ffrancis Bromwick, George Seale, Robert Meredith, George Elton, John Hall, Nichas. Bromwick.
(Rep. 63, fo.69b)

8 March 1654/5:
Robert Meredith, Nathaniell Bonnick, John Hall, George Elton, Alexander Robbins, Peter Browne.
(Rep. 63, fo.287)

9 March 1655/6:
Robte Meredith, George Elton, Alexander Roberts, Peter Browne, Richard kendall, Mathewe Burrowes, Theophilus Greene, John Watson.
(Rep. 64, fo.96b)
[Alexander Robbins, Richard Kinder, Peter Hudson, rulers ref. 15 Oct. 1656. Humpherus, I, p. 273.]

3 March 1656/7:
Mathew Burrowes, Jno Watson, Richard kendall, Peter hudson, Willm Nayler, Willm Bromwich, Edward Gollin, Richard Nut.
(Rep. 65, fo.58)

7 March 1657/8:
Richard Nutt, Wm Bromwich, Edward Collen, Wm Taylor, Thomas [?]Redriffe, John Coulson, Edward Plaistowe, Thomas Angood. Edward Collen absent.
(Rep. 66, fo.55)

3 March 1658/9:
John Coulson, Thomas Angood, Thomas Reading, Edward Plaistowe, Theophilus Greene, Thomas Price, Augustus Williams, Christopher Parker.
(Rep. 66, fo.213)

8 March 1659/60:
Thomas Price, Christopher Parker, Augustus Williams, Theophilus Greene, Robert Meredith, John [?]Locker, Robert Coomes, Thomas Seawell.
(Rep. 67, fos.51b - 52a)

5 March 1660/1:
Robert Meredith, Robt Coomes, Thomas Seawell, John [?]Sa/ocks, John Hylord, Thomas Mott, Thomas Smart, Richard Pike, John Aylworth, Richard Hudson, Richard Shephard.
(Rep. 67, fo.211b)

4 March 1661/2:
Christopher Hill, Thomas Mott, John Highlord, Thomas Smart, Richard Pike, John Aylworth, Richard Hudson, Richard Shepherd.
(Rep. 68, fo.69)

5 March 1662/3:
John Aleworth, Richard Hudson, Richard Sheppard, Richard Pike, John Coulson, Robert Hill, Thomas Waters, James Hall.
(Rep. 69, fo.80b)

10 March 1663/4

Thomas Waters, James Hall, Thomas Roberts, Marke Smith, Richard kendall, John Nowell, Charles Mitchell, Joseph Lee.
(Rep. 69, fo.290b)

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