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Huts for Hikers

You must admit, a sign at the Fairy Meadow Hut that reads, this "hut is NOT in the area marked Fairy Meadow" can give a weary climber pause. Since its founding in 1906, the Alpine Club of Canada has provided useful aid and info to its member mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts. Or so they say. It could also be that the ACC is really a cadre of secret agents whose headquarters are located in this decentralized group of mountain huts connected by a network of tunnels.

Oh, Those Crazy MuDSLuTS

Washington state's MuDSLuTs may leave smut-searching senators sullen, but the SLuTs's multifaceted, muck-spattered site will leave mountain bike enthusiasts lusting for more. Although the MuDSLuTs claim to advocate "fair and open access" in "Country, City, and Cyburbia," this site seems to lack the environmental ethic that many consider essential to the spirit of mountain biking.

Disc Error

Is it true that the game of Frisbee Golf was invented by ancient Celts who played the game with large stones, and later abandoned it altogether when entire clans were laid up with head traumas?

What's fact and fiction with this elusive sport? The World Flying Disc Federation takes a stab at putting it to paper, a risky prospect for a game whose rules are always up in the air.

Gimme Pain, Sez She

Day one at the Mammoth Mountain downhill, and psychocyclist Missy Giove has already made a trip to the local ER with a busted thumb carpal, and strips of her raw flesh are flapping in the mountain breeze. Earlier she'd taken a 15-foot dive into the dirt in a practice shoot down Mammoth's legendary Kamikaze run. Later that night her body was too wracked to make it to the bathroom so Giove treated the downstairs neighbors to an impromptu rainstorm direct from her second-floor balcony.

Skateboarding Is Nada Crime

Show us Main Street in Anytown and we'll point to a spot where lawlesss punks regularly go head-to-head with the fuzz over inane skateboarding prohibitions. Check the laws in Boone, North Carolina:

  1. No skateboards on sidewalks
  2. No skateboards on the streets
And people wonder why kids take to the grass. (A tip for the fellas: a spell-checker is a handy addition to the arsenal of any dedicated revolutionary.)

Have You Seen My Bike?

Had Pee Wee Herman known that the chances of recovering a stolen bicycle are slightly better than getting fried by lightning, there may never have been a Big Adventure. Sad-faced cyclists who've had their prize possessions snatched away might want to post their bikes' vital stats with the Stolen Bike Registry. You may never see your bike again, but you'll feel better knowing you made the effort.

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