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Club Wired

Club Wired is the place to participate in weekly live Club Wired events with guests such as Laurie Anderson, Malcolm McLaren, Richard Dawkins, Douglas Coupland, Bruce Sterling, Joey Ramone, and Martin Amis.

You can also have real-time conversations with other HotWired members from all over the world. And unlike the chat areas on some commercial online services, there are no chaperons here.

Club Wired takes place inside a telnet window that pops up while you are in HotWired. This window provides a constant stream of the real-time dialog between our members and guests.

When the telnet window first pops up, you'll be asked to type in your HotWired member name and your HotWired password.

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U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S

Bret Easton 
Ellis Friday, 29 September
1 p.m. PDT
Bret Easton Ellis, brat-pack novelist

Bret Easton Ellis, of late-'80s literary brat-pack notoriety, has resonated controversy ever since his first novel, Less Than Zero, was published during his senior year at Bennington College in 1985. Ellis went on to write American Psycho in 1991, a scathing critique of nihilistic excess and eighties' greed, which focused further negative attention on the author - including boycotts and death threats; threats, according to Ellis, like "being raped with a nail-studded baseball bat. It was worse than a lot of the stuff in American Psycho." The Informers is Ellis's latest book, described in his own words as "a kaleidoscopic and fractured view of Los Angeles in the early 80s," and it's every bit as violent and depraved as his previous works. Bret Easton Ellis stops by the HotWired office for a special Club Wired appearance on Friday, 29 September 1995 at 1:00 p.m. PDT (20:00 GMT).

McHugh Tuesday, 3 October
6 p.m. PDT
Maureen McHugh, the future of intelligent sci-fi

Maureen McHugh's China Mountain Zhang presents a cyberpunk, futuresque view of gay issues, and was one of the most acclaimed débuts of the '90s, winning the Locus First Novel Award, the Tiptree Award, and the Lambda Literary Award. McHugh's stories and novels have garnered many Hugo and Nebula nominations, and her second novel, Half the Day Is Night, was published last year. McHugh will tell us about her recent explorations on the Web, her observations about nonlinear communications patterns, and her answer to the question: Are lists a good thing? Join McHugh and Head Space host Jonathan Lethem on Tuesday, 3 October at 6 p.m. PDT (01:00 GMT).

Deborah Jaffe Wednesday, 4 October
6 p.m. PDT
Deborah Jaffe, sadomasochist artist

Deborah Jaffe is an artist who is unafraid to go into forbidden and dangerous territory, and she invites you to join her. As frontwoman, composer, and head musician of the band Master/Slave Relationship, she has explored all manners of fetish and S/M fantasies over a decade's worth of indie cassettes and CDs. Unlike most of the mainstream fetish products, M/SR releases are designed neither to titillate nor to make you feel safe. Jaffe writes about dominance and submission from inside the aesthetic. Her lyrics and images are about genuine desire - something that is never safe. Jaffe is also unafraid of her tools, not intimidated by technology. Recently, she designed and released the CD-ROM, Smut Picture Racket, a 10-year retrospective of her work with M/SR. Not only is this one of the few authentically erotic CD-ROMs available, but its lush graphics and hidden levels of images and sound make it a technical breakthrough for a homebrew product. Jaffe appears in Richard Kadrey's Covert Culture series forum, Wednesday, 4 October at 6 p.m. PDT (01:00 GMT).


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