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Pinch the Salt

The poor saps in the back of the plane are happy to season their "food" with salt and pepper that comes in little paper envelopes, but Virgin Atlantic's upper class passengers expect something better for their gourmet meals. They use a matching set of miniature chrome-plated planes designed by Fitch: a jet-engined pepper shaker and a prop-driven salt shaker. The 1-inch-high sculptures are too cool not to keep, and the airline knows it - the bottom of each shaker reads: Pinched from Virgin Atlantic. Upper Class Salt Shaker and Pepper Pot: Free if you steal them. Virgin Atlantic Airways: +1 (212) 242 1330.

The Petrified Desk

Are desks a thing of the past? The Fossil Faux Desk, designed by artist Marcia Stuermer looks like it's straight out of the Stone Age. But if you look closely, you'll see that along with the carvings of prehistoric fish, the desk has electronic components embedded into it. Look even more closely, and you'll discover the desk is actually made of hand-carved wood. Stone Age accessories: a stony bed, chair, lamp, and clock. Yabba dabba doo! Fossil Faux Desk: US$2,000. +1 (415) 861 1933.

Puckish Wrist Relief

Using a padded rest at the base of your keyboard is better than nothing, but the spongy slab encourages you to keep your wrists in the same place no matter where your fingers may roam across the keyboard. PC Pucks were designed to go under your wrists and slide across the desk, thereby keeping your wrists in a neutral position while you type and operate the mouse. Not only will PC Pucks decrease the stress on the tendons in your wrists, they'll also give you groovy '70s-style air hockey flashbacks. PC Puck: US$20 pair. Back Basics, Ltd.: +1 (201) 402 4968, fax +1 (201) 377 7963.

Multimedia Hoopla on a Laptop

Next time you make a multimedia presentation, leave the slide projector, video camera, and transparency projector at home - bring the VID-P11 along instead. This Sony-built hydra has a video camera with a 10-power zoom, a backlight, adjustable fluorescent sidelights, video output, and an RS232C interface so you can control the whole show with your laptop. Now you just need to come up with a good idea to it show off. VID-P100 Presentation Stand: US$3,500. Sony: (800) 472 SONY.


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