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Now it's a legitimate cult. The memorable "freshmaker" Mentos commercials have finally been given their rightful tribute on the Web. This site is a sugary gem - with surprisingly analytical discussions of television advertising. The Mentos FAQ provides complete synopses of all seven Mentos commercials - from the often-aired ("The Car Movers" and "The Broken Shoe") to the obscure and rarely seen ("The 3 Second Car Jacking"). Unfortunately, the FAQ authors failed to include any QuickTime clips of the commercials, but you can re-"fresh" your memory with the complete jingle lyrics and in-depth background on product packaging, ingredients, and nutritional value (if any). Mmmmm ... it's the freshmaaakerr!

Celestial department stores, space hippies, and talking carrots are only a few of the details you'll pick up reading the synopses of television's B-great, Lost In Space (1965-68). Unfortunately, you won't find any glitzy pics of Dr. Zachary Smith, the Robinsons, or purple Styrofoam alien mountainscapes. But the site does provide a complete episode guide, including air dates, directors, writers, and - best of all - a chronological listing of episode titles, such as "Anti-Matter Man"(1967), "The Space Primevals" (1967), and "The Android Machine" (1966).

But if science fiction leaves your mind rattling into space, you might need to increase your oxygen intake. Try a new fix: some real hard-core molecular animation. Dig chemistry for art's sake, and take a trip down molecule mile. You won't be disappointed by "The C60 Buckminster fullerene structure," one of many technicolor mpeg films designed not only to help the viewer "visualize" molecular structure, but to please the jaded cornea as well. You won't be tested.

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you didn't want to believe it was true ... but it is. Pull your head out of the sand and face the crass glory of it all. The Web brings you Autographs of Famous Movie, Pop, and T.V. Stars. Yes, a touch of Hollywood class is at the tips of your fingers, just a keystroke away. Alan Alda's sig is only US$125 and comes framed with a "lovely photo." Richard Burton, gone but not forgotten, is US$420. Or pick from the "famous woman" category: Brigitte Bardot for US$185 or the bargain-priced Liza Minelli at US$155. Oh, why not go for broke? Get a "set" at two-for-one: Abbott and Costello for $320 or Linda Gray and Larry Hagman - together always and forever - for US$185. The order form is simple, just allow for shipping and handling - these starlets are coming all the way from Australia!

By Monkeybird


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