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Ziff mags sold - again - and the suits run scared

Freak Brothers comic artist Paul Mavrides, Wednesday

Land a Boeing at Hong Kong's new mega-airport. World Beat

Rapid Where rafters meet big water
Rock Defying gravity with finesse and gear
Disc Ultimate - the coolest field sport around
Surf Just you, your board and Mother Ocean
Crank The second-fastest way to come down a mountain
Core Adrenaline's interactive database of play spots in the wilderness, with up-to-the-minute weather conditions, maps, and advice from folks who know the territory

Flux HotGossip from Ned Brainard's poison pen
Fetish Objects of techno desire
Net Surf Where you should go on the Web today
Net Soup Writing we like, from around the Net
DaveNet Email musings from software designer (and Aretha fan) Dave Winer
Market Forces Business writer David Kline reports on digital commerce
Muckraker Under-the-beltway reports by the outraged one, Brock N. Meeks
Intelligent Agent Hypermedia essays that explain the future, today

On the Road The journeys of our favorite digital nomads and writers
Planet Wired Destinations where you'll find the Wired culture emerging
Rough Guide It's here! The most comprehensive travel database on the Web
Dispatch Digital postcards from cool spots and events around the wired world
Deductible Junkets Conferences and conventions where the digerati will gather
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Ask Allison "Ask me, I know"

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Twain Fiction and essays from writers you know - or will know

Scenarios The Future of the Future

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