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Our members' salon and auditorium

Techno pop slide guitarist Carl Weingarten appears in Richard Kadrey's Covert Culture series: Club Wired, Wednesday, 18 November at 6 p.m. PDT (01:00 GMT).

"Ask me, I know"

You ain't gonna win if you don't enter! Ask Allison's swanky contest.

Pithy, vitriolic, and eloquent comments from our members

Server-push pushes into Threads. Clinton: chameleon or amoeba?

Bulletin board discussion, commentary, questions, and answers

Have your say. Have it today. No topic is off-limits in HotWired's Threads.

'The Future of the Future'

HotWired launches a 10-week series in Club Wired, with featured articles and appearances by Paul Saffo, Stewart Brand, John Perry Barlow, Bruce Sterling, and other prominent futurists.

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