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MR-WEB: the Mississippi Review is a great print literary journal, and with MR-WEB, the folks who celebrated the cyberpunk phenomenon long before it became a household word have put together a nice looking Web site with memorable content. As expected, amusing stories are the strongest element, but with the other stuff like interviews, this a fun way to read something interesting while you deceive your co-workers by acting busy. Enjoy.

Joyce Wankable: "Bricolage, slumming, bang-a-can-tunes, pathetic lust" is what this zine claims to be into, and if you have trouble making sense of that list, then it probably isn't for you. But if your bells go off at the mention of "do-it-yourself" (the English translation of "bricolage"), or pathetic lust, then click here, and enjoy the interview with "Southern Culture on the Skids," reporting from Robert Altman's editing room, and more.

The WPA Life Histories Home Page: Close to 3,000 personal histories written from interviews made in 1936-40 make this really one of the most interesting sites on the Net. You won't find stunning graphics or self-conscious cool (except in some of the stories, where the New Deal journalist fervor shines through with alternately inspiring and hilarious results), but what you will find is the near chance to talk with old folks - some wise, some crazy - who you never would have met.

De Proverbia: "An Electronic Journal of International Proverb Studies" coming out of Tasmania? Well, as it says, "make hell while the sun shines." But seriously, if you're the type that wonders about why your family says a certain weird phrase and what others elsewhere are saying, then it might be worth a trip to Tasmania for this new, eclectic Web journal, to read such gems as, "Early to Bed and Early to Rise: From Proverb to Benjamin Franklin and Back."

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