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Bruce Sterling: 2 nov at 6 
p.m. The 
Leisure Party Manifesto The Future? You don't want to 

Nov 2: Bruce 
Sterling - The Future?
You don't want to know.
Nov 9: Kevin Kelly 
- Reverse Time Capsule
If you could send a time capsule back 20 years, what artifacts would you choose?
Nov 16: Neal 
Stephenson - Global Neighborhood Watch
Stopping street crime in the global village.
Nov 23: Ralph 
Merkle - The Museum of Nanotechnology
Tiny and great leaps for the human race.
Nov 30: John 
Perry Barlow - It's a Poor Workman Who Blames His Tools
What does technology threaten? What is human?
Dec 7: Danny 
Hillis - The Millenium Clock
How about a timepiece that ticks once a year, with a century hand that advances every 100 years and a cuckoo that comes out on the millennium. Question: Who keeps it wound?
Oct 13: Paul Saffo - The Leisure Party 
Workers of the world, relax!

"... scenarios can (when done well) be like a Tibetan army knife with a patented mind opener." - Paul Saffo in Club Wired

Oct 20: Stewart Brand - Two 
Oct 26: Lawrence Wilkinson - How to 
Build Scenarios
Planning for "long fuse, big bang" problems in an era of uncertainty.

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