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World Beat is your savvy advance team around the planet, from rural New Zealand to the Arctic, Nairobi to Paris. It's travel chronicled by insiders searching the souls of the places they call home, supplemented by dispatches from digital nomads utilizing cutting-edge tools to tell their stories: the most comprehensive travel site on the Web.

On the Road

It's not the destination; it's the journey. On the Road delivers first-person features, travelogues, and memoirs by jacked-in explorers like Douglas Coupland.

Planet Wired

Explore the emerging digital culture all over the world from an adventurer's perspective, through Planet Wired's essays, profiles, and stories. Every two weeks, top writers file dispatches from around the world using video, sound, and images.

Rough Guide

We've teamed up with the travel-publishing experts at Rough Guide to help make the finer points of travel even finer. World Beat's Rough Guide is an unsurpassed resource of information - updated constantly by the people who use it.


Postcards from the world, highlighting destinations and events way off the beaten path. Refreshed every two weeks.

Deductible Junkets

Each month, Deductible Junkets brings you the most essential conferences and professional events for the digital generation, linked to complete city information.

Travel Kit

More gadgets! Useful products and services for travelers, reviewed and recommended. New every two weeks.


Every week, click on our hotlist of travel-specific Net resources.

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