Wired UK

Issue 1.02 - June 1995

"I'm lazy. That's why I like machines. They do things I would not have thought of."
-Brian Eno


Welcome Home Big Brother

Under the friendly guise of a local partnership, King's Lynn has watched itself become the model of a Big Brother society. The rest of the country is going the same way. Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not watching you too. By Simon Davies

What the Hell You Starin' At?

Edgy, outrageous and smart, Duckman redefines animation even more than The Simpsons did. By Rogier van Bakel

Weird Name, Wired Guy

Buggy G Riphead. By Hari Kunzru

Experience Required

Forget the telephone; steady on the superhighway. Peter Cochrane won't be happy until BT is communicating "experience". By Robin Hunt

Beats Skinning Hogs

PC Manufacturer Gateway 2000 grew into a multibillion-dollar business in just seven years. Charles Platt went to South Dakota to see how. Pictures by Norman Mauskopf

Digital Refusenik

Sven Birkets believes that technology is leeching the spiritual out of human experience. By Harvey Blume

Gossip is Philosophy

The Wired interview. Kevin Kelly talks to Brian Eno




Common Sense

Just Use It


You Like to Watch, Don't You

By Robert Rossney

Buried Treasure

By Debbie Fellner

The New Russians

By Masha Gessen

Truth, Justice and the new Photo(shop) Realism

By Jacques Leslie

Affirmative, Minister

By William Heath

Idées Fortes

The Perfect Crime

By Jean Baudrillard

Bill's Bet-the-Company Strategy

By Dave Winer

Michael Bywater

How would it be if everybody did it?