Wired UK

Issue 1.03 - July 1995

The task of thinking is based upon selection and weeding out; remembering everything is weirdly similar to forgetting everything. Most things that people do shouldn't be remembered. Maybe forgetting is good.
-Gary Wolf


Remembering Johnny

Author William Gibson wrote the unforgettable short story Johnny Mnemonic. Robert Longo dreamed of filming it. But they couldn't raise the $1.5-million they needed. So they turned it into a $30-million film. By Rogier van Bakel

Notes on a Process

William Gibson takes us to the place Johnny Mnemonic really came from.

Whuppa-whuppa whuppa Eeeeeeeeeee! Krrrroooom!

In seven years, Acclaim's sales have gone from zero to $481 million. So why has it lost the licence to produce the next instalment of its most successful franchise, Mortal Combat? Charles Platt investigates whether Acclaim will make it to the next level

Singular Visionary?

Sci-fi master/maths nerd Vernor Vinge believes that machiens are about to rule the human race as humans have ruled the animal kingdom. By Kevin Kelly

Digital Graffiti

European teenage programmers don't write games any more - they write demos. Demos are more than just software, they're the rock-and-roll of code. By Dave Green





The Worst ID They Ever Had

By Simon Davies

Forza Digitale!

By Matthew Fuller

Death and the Maiden

By Robin Hunt

Fleecing the Friendly Skies

By Tom Andrews

Idées Fortes

Dual Use Delusion

By Steve G Steinberg

Beyond the Face

By Mark Fisher

Join the Net Patrol

By Bill Thompson

Peter Cochrane

A Better Class of Communication