Wired UK

Issue 1.05 - September 1995

"The literary culture was an establishment that dectated fashionable discourse. It favoured opinions and ideology over empirical testing of ideas - commentary spiralling uopn commentary. As a cultural force, it's a dead end."
-John Brockman



O.J. Simpson's trial has revealed that public institutions - especially the media - are guilty of making it impossible to resolve the most important issues facing society today. By Jon Katz

Agent of the Third Culture

John Brockman is the agent provocateur of the new intellectual élite. By Phil Leggiere

In Your Interface

Bruce Tognazzini says the interface he designed for Apple has become an obstacle to the next stage of the computer revolution. By David Weinberger

The Physicist

As director of Microsoft's Advanced Technology Group, Nathan Myhrvold oversees 650 serfs and spends £100 million a year on projects like software efficiency and positive-feedback-cycle economics - all to keep Bill on top. By Stewart Brand

Hacking the Mother Code

Leroy Hood has a vision: Soon you'll be able to have your entire genome read out and your faulty genes identified and corrected by gene therapy - all before you even get sick. He should know . He's building the revolutionary machines that are making it happen. And Bill Gates is his banker. By Ed Regis

This Is Not Totally Entertaining. This Is Insane.

This is the last four months of Graeme J. Devine's daily shipping journal for The 11th Hour, the follow-up to his smash CD-ROM hit The 7th Guest. By Graeme Devine





Encyclopaedia Britannica Online?

By Robert Rossney

The Diamond Age

By Neal Stephenson

Idées Fortes

Come the Revolution

By Graham Allen MP

Idea Futures

By Robin Hanson

Street Cred

Nicholas Negroponte

Where Do New Ideas Come From?