Wired UK

Issue 1.07 - November 1995

"Two styles of people: guys and gals. Females, what? They caretake. They nurture. Men, what? They squirt and move on. So business start-ups - same thing. The entrepeneurs who run businesses? They're like women. Caretakers. Venture capitalists, though? Gigolos. Roosters. Seed capital. Get it?"
-Po Bronson


The Media Lab at 10

Beyond the technology it has imagined, the thinkers it has encouraged, and the students it has attracted and seeded, the greatest achievement of the MIT Media Laboratory may be the invention of - itself. By Fred Hapgood

Under Pressure

Scuba has come full circle - from the first exporers in the 1950s to today's "technical divers" who strap on underwater computers and dive to depths so great the pressure could crush an automobile faster than a five-car pileup. By Jerry Shine

Demographics of Broadcast TV - Just Like the Demographics of Smokers

And other insights from market research guru Nick Donatiello. By Alan Deutschman

The Berlusconi of the Net

The first global Internet service provider is being created in Sardinia (perché no?) by media entrepreneur Nichi Grauso, who wants to build his Video On Line into a worldwide media empire by thinking globla and acting local. By Lee Marshall


What would it be like if all government regulations on telecommunications just went away... By Bob Johnstone

Rap Dot Com

Harry Allen on how black people are giving the digital revolution the funk it so badly needs. By Matt Haber

The Relentless Pursuit of Connection

An inside look at Marquee Venture Partners, one of the most famous venture capital firms of Silicon Valley's Sand Hill Road. By Po Bronson


Geek Page

Hive computing




By Analogy

By Kevin Kelly

Fast Fiction

By Rogier van Bakel

Escaping the Black Budget

By Phil Patton

Idées Fortes

The Net as a Public Sphere?

By Mark Poster

Fear of net.sex

By Laura Miller

Nicholas Negroponte

Being Decimal