Wired UK

Issue 1.08 - December 1995

"The Net, more than anything else, is a platform for entrepreneurial activities - a free-market economy in its truest sense. It's a level playing field where people can do anything they want."
-Marc Andreessen


The New Hollywood: Silicon Stars

More and more movies are being made on location - in cyberspace, with synthespians like T-rex, Casper, and now the entire cast of Toy Story. Proving that the only major new talent in Tinseltown this year is technology. By Paula Parisi

The Toy Story Story

How John Lasseter came to make the first 100 per cent computer-generated theatrical motion picture. By Burr Snider

Global Neighbourhood Watch

Stopping street crime in the global village. By Neal Stephenson

The Politics of Technology

America's futurist politicians, Newt Gingrich and Al Gore, are engaged in an epic struggle: the last time a battle of this magnitude occurred, the New Deal laid the foundation of the modern, industrial, bureaucratic state. By John Heilemann

Why Bill Gates Wants to Be the Next Marc Andreessen

HotWired's Chip Bayers talks with Netscape's wunderkind.

The Java Saga

Sun's Java is the hottest thing on the Web since Netscape. Maybe hotter. But for all the buzz, Java nearly became a business-school case study in how a good product fails. The inside story of bringing Java to market. By David Bank

The New World Disorder

Civil war in Mexico, the Frankmark in Europe, white supremacists in the northwestern US, nuclear bombs in the Tergiz oil fields of Central Asia sending oil prices over $100 barrel - US President Christy Whitman has her hands full in the year 2013. By Peter Schwartz

You Can't Believe Your Eyes

Photographer Pedro Meyer produces CD-ROMs that are works of art, but he says multimedia is being made shallow and irrelevant by huge, Hollywood-style projects. His answer is simplicity itself. By Scott Rosenberg


Geek Page

Speeding up the Web




The Russian (Media) Revolution

By Andrew Meier

Ground Truth

By Tim Barkow

The Medium Is the Market

By Simon Caulkin

Idées Fortes

Labour Sells Out to BT

By John Browning

Nicholas Negroponte

Wearable Computing