Wired UK

Issue 2.01 - February 1996

"The worst thing for any organisation is efficiency. You get moving very quickly and you end up in the wrong place."
-Marshall McLuhan, as channelled by Gary Wolf.


The Wisdom of Saint Marshall, the Holy Fool

In the tumult of the digital revolution, McLuhan is relevant anew. But if you think you know Marshall McLuhan, or what he stood for - think again. By Gary Wolf

Channelling McLuhan

The Wired interview with the magazine's patron saint. By Gary Wolf

Zine Queen

Pagan Kennedy on zines in the age of the Web. By Harvey Blume

The Copyright Grab

The Clinton administration, through its white paper on intellectual property, is proposing a wholesale giveaway to its supporters in the copyright industry - at voters' expense. By Pamela Samuelson

The Race for More Bandwidth

Will Hearst and Kleiner Perkins's @Home is promising to deliver Internet broadband to a million homes by the first quarter of 1997. We've heard claims like this before. But this one is different: Legendary networking wizard Milo Medin is leading the charge. By Lucien Rhodes

Wired Bosnia

Guerrilla peacefare online on the Balkan front. By Rick E. Bruner

The Origin of Ideas

Daniel Dennett thinks, therefore he evolved. By Hari Kunzru

Write for Star Trek!

You too can sell a script to the most influential TV Show in the world - if you know the formula. By Jeff Greenwald


Geek Page

Liquid crystal displays




The Cutting Edge

By Michael Meloan

What a Waste

By Richard Evans

Idées Fortes

Invisible Worlds

By Fil Yeskel

Nicholas Negroponte

Where Do New Ideas Come From?