Wired UK

Issue 2.02 - February 1996

"We're born, we live for a brief instant, and we die. It's been happening for a long time. Technology is not changing it much, if at all."
-Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs

The next insanely great thing. The Wired interview by Gary Wolf.

Way New Leftists

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker believe the new "virtual class" is exploiting the neopretariat "surplus flesh." By Jean-Hugues Roy


It's been called the Silicon Valley of India. But does it really have the entrepreneurialism and creativity of its namesake, or is it destined to remain the low-cost supplier to American and European IT giants? By Richard Rapaport

How To Get a Web in Adveritising

Not someday, today - advertising on the Web makes economic sense. You just have to forget everything you ever learned about the business. By Evan I. Schwartz

Privacy Is History - Get Over It

The issue isn't privacy, according to science-fiction writer David Brin, it's equality of exposure. By Sheldon Teitelbaum


Faster than a Porsche, quieter than a milk float, Adam Harper's Alien redefines the electric car. By James Flint


Geek Page

Petaflops computing




Free Networks for a Free Africa

By Sean Badal

Global Village Green

By Alex Balfour

How Good People Helped Make a Bad Law

By Rogier van Bakel

Idées Fortes

Follow the Mondex

By Simon Davies


By Rogier van Bakel

Nicholas Negroponte

The Future of the Book