Wired UK

Issue 2.03 - March 1996

"While in theory an unbreakable cipher is conceivable, you don't want to bet your life on its actual implementation. That's especially true when there exists a throbbing collaborative network of potential crackers - and, maybe, thieves & saboteurs."
-Steven Levy


Net Virgin

Richard Branson didn't know much about music, so he started a record label; he didn't know much about air travel, so he started an airline; he doesn't know much about the Net, so he's starting a network. What does Branson know that we don't know? By Tim Jackson

Robots with the Right Stuff

As the US war machine develops a digital air force of "unmanned aerial vehicles," it's only a matter of time before fighter planes without fighter jocks joust in some robot dogfight in the sky. By Phil Patton

Finding Gilder's Faith

A fine grasp of detail and a libertarian millenialism have made George Gilder America's most influential technology writer. But does he really believe what he says? By Po Bronson

Time's Pathfinder

Interactive media was certainly no dead end for Time's managing editor Walter Isaacson. By Evan Schwartz


If you're putting your faith in cryptography to protect your privacy, we have some garage-band hackers - who have been famously cracking, not creating crypto - that we'd like you to meet. By Steven Levy

The Day After Technology

A decade later, the contaminated zone surrounding Chernobyl has become a haven for those whose future has been taken away - by the disaster or by war, age, illness, or their own demons. By Masha Gessen


Electric Word

Bulletins from the front line of the digital revolution

Geek Page

3-D viewing goes glassless




"The New Economy, Stupid"

By John Heilemann

Spam King

By Simson Garfinkel

Idées Fortes

Free Speech is Free Trade

By John Browning

Satellite Banking

By Arun Mehta

Net Surf

Nicholas Negroponte

Pluralistic, Not Imperialistic