Wired UK

Issue 2.04 - April 1996

"I'm the product of a million novels. Text made me, but I really don't think today's four- and five- year olds will say that. If they do read, then text will be one information medium among many. They were reared in print but are required to function electronically."
-Dale Spender


No Strings Attached

Hal Bertram and Dave Housman at London's Creative Shop know how to bring puppets to life - an ability that couuld turn computer animation into computer performance. By Matt Bacon

Beyond the Book

Today's boys and girls are already living in the future. Dale Spender tells Hari Kunzru

The Evolution Revolution

When single cells evolved into complex organisms, life suddenly found itself in a vast new landscape of possibilities. Computers developing into networks stand poised on the edge of a new world just as strange and vast. By Oliver Morton

Bots Are Hot!

Botmadness reigns and botwars rage, as ever more complex chunks of code roam the Net. Bot solutions breed bot problems breed bot solutions, as roving programs evolve ever faster towards a-life. By Andrew Leonard

Complicate Yourself

Organisational psychologist Karl Weick reveals what high-tech entrepeneurs can learn from reading cracked caribou bones and why Bill Gates might consider leaving Microsoft. By John Geirland


The Jewish religion is a 2,000-year-old hypertext project. Torah Scholar Software is putting it online and creating software that can analyse the mysteries of the cabbala. By Wayne Myers

All About Eva

Eva Pascoe started Cyberia, London's first cybercafe. Now she's going global. By Susie Forbes



Net Nazis and other news


Break Up BT!

Idées Fortes

Pick 'n' Mix Money

The Bookmark Less Travelled



Net Surf

Working the Web

Geek Page

Low Voltage = High Power

Nicholas Negroponte

Affective Computing