Wired UK

Issue 2.05 - May 1996

"Even humans are poor at deciding what information is relevant to a particular question. Trying to get a computer to figure it out is nearly impossible."
-Steve G. Steinberg


Greenpeace: Mindbombing the Media

Greenpeace set out to save the planet with Quaker ideals and the media tactics of "Hitler and Madison Avenue". The aim remains - but those tactics are going to have to change. By Fred Pearce


If you want to know what's really real in new media, you ask Mary Modahl. So Harvey Blume did.

Retro Techno

Way back in the 1980s computers speeded up the world. Zap ARt threw the visual image beneath the wheels. By James Flint

Seek and Ye Shall Find (Maybe)

The most popular sites on the Web today are trying to bring order out of chaos in a frantic quest for the ultimate index of all human knowledge. By Steve G. Steinberg

Hermann Hauser's Second Chance

His technical flair and good connections have made him Cambridge's high tech godfather, but he has yet to establish his beloved city on thebig business map. Now the time might just be right. By Christopher Anderson

Lights, Cameron, Action!

The Abyss, Terminator 2, True Lies - Jim Cameron's films are milestones in the development of silicon cinema. Now he talks about the way ahead. By Paula Parisi



DIY Cash

In Vitro

Moving Shadow

Doom with a View

Tools of the Trade

Idées Fortes

The Military-Information Complex

Eurocrats Do Good Privacy



Space Hopper

What matters on the Web

Geek Page

Giant Magnetoresistance

Nicholas Negroponte

Caught Browsing Again