Wired UK

Issue 2.06 - June 1996

"The boundaries which have set companies apart from one another, and apart from their customers, will dissolve. Intranets will not preserve companies' integrity - they will blow companies apart."


A Cultured Man

Iain M. Banks has created a Utopia that actually sounds like fun. By Oliver Morton


An excerpt from Iain M. Banks's forthcoming Culture novel. A Wired exclusive.

The Gospel According to the Carraro Twins

With bad haircuts, naff suits and a taste for Big Ideas and High Culture the boys from the Po Valley are beating all comers in the CD-ROM game. By Lee Marshall

Turning Processes Into Things

Mathematician Ian Stewart talks about fluid dynamics in the desert, controlling the space shuttle and why it's good to have a chaotic brain. By James Flint

How Wired Is My Valley

Lyn Hurd set up Britain's first cybercafe in the depths of rural Wales. Now the Net is helping her to hold her local community together. By Hari Kunzru

Bill Gates, Media Mogul

Microsoft morphs into a 21st century media giant. By Denis Caruso


According to Albert Bressand and Catherine Distler, it's not information technology anymore, it's relationship technology. By Peter Schwartz



Grauso Sells Out, Internet Radio and other news


No Network is an Island

In Vitro

ROM Against Boredom

The War of the Machines

Buildings that Suck

Idées Fortes

Declaring Independence

Electric Lawyers



Space Hopper

What matters on the Web

Geek Page


Nicholas Negroponte

The Next Billion Users