Wired UK

Issue 2.09 - September 1996

"Our artists no longer try to put us in touch with God and the eternal, but with the infinity of our own archives."
-James Flint on Brian Eno


Five Go Nuts In Cambridge

Acorn's crack techies thrive on new challenges, but their company doesn't. The Network Computer proves the point. By Tom Loosemore


Hughes makes weapons. Pareto trades bonds. Their mutant offspring could clear the City of yuppies. By Clive Davidson

Go With the Flow

Mihá Csikszentmihályi tells John Geirland that great Web sites are not about navigating content, but about staging experience.

The Good Deed

The Starbright World brings state-of-the-art relationship technologies to hospitalised kids. It's R&D with unbeatable PR. By Susan McCarthy

Information Warrior

Winn Schwartau believes that with the wealth of the world embedded in the electronic infrastructure, we need to be ready to fight cyberwars. By Ben Venzke

Master of Puzzles

Ivan Moscovich has created more brain-teasers than most people have solved crosswords. Igor Goldkind set out to piece together his fascinating and harrowing life.

Code For A Grecian Urn

Moving museums into cyberspace means remembering what they were originally meant for, appreciating what they are actually used for, and then creating something completely different. By Lee Marshall



The End of Knowledge, Portillo's Door, Le-Pen-Net and other news

In Vitro

Food of the Gods

Here's One I Prepared Earlier

The Life of Brian


The Brand is Dead, Long Live the Brand

Idées Fortes

The 19th Century Internet

Lost in Translation



Space Hopper

What matters on the Web

Geek Page

The Domain Name System

Nicholas Negroponte

The Future of Phone Companies