Wired UK

Issue 2.10 - October 1996

"In the past, television threw out information to viewers when it wanted to; in the future it must reel viewers into discussions they can join when they want. Welcome to the world of broadcatching."


The Wired Manifesto

The future is not something we travel to; it's something we build. Any agenda for the future must understand and incorporate the new reality brought about by digital technologies - communications and computing. Here's ours.

From Ceiling to Cave

A limestone cave in France is providing a venue for a 4,000 square-metre multimedia show that includes the paintings of the Sistine Chapel. By Steve Shipside


Live sex on the Internet. It's a moralist's nightmare - and a sensible Dutch business eager to convince Wayne Myers that it is absolutely not sleazy.

Geoff Hoon MP

Labour's spokesman on communications and the information superhighway talks to John Browning about his views on technology, regulation and censorship.

Big Brother plc

The British government is privatising its data systems on the quiet, and US giant EDS is getting the billion-pound contracts. Simon Davies confronts the company that wants to administer everything from your taxes to your ID card.


Artist Daniel Lee changes humans into beasts. By Mandy Erickson

Netheads vs Bellheads

The most vicious battle on the Net today is a secret war between techies. At stake is nothing less than the future of cyberspace. By Steve G. Steinberg

Ian Taylor MP

The Parliamentary Under Secretary for Trade and Technology tells Hari Kunzru that censorship may be forced on politicians if Internet service providers fail to censor themselves.


In his new novel, chief cyberpunk William Gibson has created a subtler, richer vision of the digital life than ever before. In three exclusive extracts, we enter the virtual world of a teenage fan.

Paddy Ashdown MP

The Liberal Democrat leader waxes lyrical to James Flint about cyberaffairs and the Net as a political medium.



Scandals in cyberspace, Bosnia back on-line and other news

In Vitro

Slash and Backslash

Bison Heretic

Consensual Hallucination Comes of Age


Audience Participation

Follow the Money

Idées Fortes

Life Behind the Screen

Building a Park on RSA



Space Hopper

What matters on the Web

In Real Life

Love it or loathe it

Floating Point

Meetings worth making

Geek Page

Machine Translation

Rants & Raves

Reader feedback


Snapshots from the digital revolution

Nicholas Negroponte

Electronic Word of Mouth