Wired UK

Issue 2.11 - November 1996

"If you want the Internet to be everywhere, it has to be visible nowhere - unseen, unnoticed, undiscussed."
-David Kline


The Sandman's Story

In which Neil Gaiman finds an unexpected fortune in comic books; a strange Tube station is explored; collaborations are entered into; the quest for new media is embarked on; and accountancy is left unexamined. By Oliver Morton

Gender Bender

Barbie is hitting cyberspace, stereotypes and all. Doug Glen, president of Mattel Media, is taking her there. By Michael Meloan

The Embedded Internet

The next big thing to hit the Net will be millions of tiny computers wired together and embedded into everything we use. This is no future vision - the products are hitting the market now. By David Kline


Dancer and software designer Thecla Schiphorst has transformed choreography - and interface design. By Evantheia Schibsted

Web Dreams

Young punks and old media hacks. They're all on the Web chasing the same dream: money, power, ego-fulfillment - and the quick sell out. This is the story of Suck, by Josh Quittner, the hopelessly conflicted editor of Time's Netly News.

Land Art

Jorge Orta has fun projecting 10,000m2 symbols onto the world's favourite beauty spots. By James Flint

The Signal Seer

David Thomson's life in the phone business may have yielded up the hottest new tools science has to offer. By Charles Seife

Tight Rope

Nicholas Grimshaw thinks that buildings should be rigorously engineered machines that respond to the people who inhabit them. The celebrated British architect has redeemed the postwar aesthetic of many European cities with his work. By Jackie Bennion

In His Image

Bill Gate's Corbis is more than the ulitmate digital stock image house. It may be the first online, for-profit library. By Richard Rapaport



Germany's Net Blitzkrieg, Beer Me Up, Scotty and other news

In Vitro

Two Tribes

Whatever Gets You Through the Net


New Shopping for New Media

Follow the Money

Idées Fortes

My Problem with Agents

Making Private Eyes Public



Space Hopper

What matters on the Web

In Real Life

Love it or loathe it

Floating Point

Meetings worth making

Geek Page

Jacking In

Rants & Raves

Reader feedback


Snapshots from the digital revolution

Nicholas Negroponte

Being local