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(As of the final issue, published February 1997.)

Editor: Oliver Morton
Managing Editor: Sean Geer
Executive Editor: John Browning
Associate Editor: Hari Kunzru
Section Editors: James Flint, Tom Loosemore
Chief Sub: Liz Bailey
Sub Editor: James Pickford
Editorial Assistant: Anna Pastor
Creative Director: Leah Klein
Designers: Nicole Chiala, Marco Crisari
Promotions Designer: Nic Hughes
Production Manager: Tara Herman
Assistant Production Manager: Julyan Bayes
Design Assistant: Angus Keith
Contributing Image Editor: Juliet Brightmore
Associate Publisher: Anne Prendergast
Circulation Director: Sara Howers
Circulation Manager: Alexandra Donahue
Circulation Coordinator: Marion Munro
Circulation Associate: Teresa Rayfield
Business Manager: Fraser Grant
Office Manager: Claire-Louise Wilson
Accountant: Michaela Goeske
Alpha Geek: Phil Gyford
Receptionist: Michelle Clements
Marketing Coordinator: Sarah Morrison
Marketing Assistant: Chantelle Barber
Advertisements - London
Advertisement Manager: Seth Hawthorne
Senior Advertisement Executive: Stella Fairbairn
Senior Advertisement Executive: Kate Mackenzie
Advertisement Executive: Griselda Billington
Advertisement Business Coordinator: Angela Kendall
The final issue was brought to you by: cracked noses and chapped lips; a move to the Ditch; broken toes; Divorcing Jack and Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men, by Colin Bateman; Cuervo Gold; Pictionary; Marco's new orange (sort of) juggling clubs; Lemsip Max Strength; disease transmission vectors; Seasonal Affective Disorder; hi-tech outdoor clothing; "Wooden Ships", by Crosby, Stills and Nash; Spem in Alium, by Thoma Tallis; Emerson and His Friends, by Carlos Baker; popcorn; In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote; satsumas; Chateau Masura; ceilidhs and kilts; Jocelyn Angell aka Cosmic Mother; nucal scans; The English Patient; bacon-flavour Wheat Crunchies; Sancho Panza; the snot-to-pus ratio; Wall of Sound; Welsh car surfers; Claire Danes in Romeo and Juliet; sub-zero temperatures; Bacardi Spice; Evita; burst water mains; Lara Croft's VPL; vanilla tea; the invaluable Haddock; many, many tears.
Fave Wiredism this month: "Wired UK has left the building." - Griselda Billington