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The Haddock Directory
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Music Artists

.the egg .news update
   Rather fine band... (20/10/97)
AIR - Premiers Symptomes
   some lovely wakey-uppey music (20/11/97)
   checks for shockwave for director, otherwise different page (17/12/97)
Airto Home Page
   got a table at ronnie scotts next thursday to see Airto (15/1/98)
Alex Reece
All Saints - underthebridge.ram
   the wonderful, gorgeous, pouting All-Saints new single is a cover version of a Red-Hot-Chilli-Peppers song! (3/1/98)
Aztec Camera: Video
   All I can find is 30 secs of the video... (31/3/98)
Billy Idol Home Page
   ha ha (2/12/96)
Billy Squier Homepage
   there are other things that are worse (12/6/98)
   WOW (17/6/98)
Carl Cox, LTJ Bukem on the Net Live!
Chemical Brothers - Transmission 1
   beatz (14/3/97)
Club iMusic - Listen to Orbital
   Happier now fank-oo (8/4/98)
Cornelius - Mic Check
   WOW (17/6/98)
Cozy Powell Home Page: Sounds
   metaaaaaaal!!!!!!! (7/4/98)
   contact info for tomato? (23/2/98)
DJ Natural 1 - natural1.ram
   RA303 messiness (11/12/96)
Daft Punk Sounds
   french polishing (21/8/97)
Dario - Sunchyme.ram
   spot the sample... a pint for the quickest answer (21/8/97)
   Coldcut (1/9/97)
   Quite cool... not particularly good music however... (2/10/97)
Falco - This Year's Thanksgiving Turkey
   how appropriate (21/4/98)
Falco Sounds
   Rock Me Amadeus...Falco..1985 - my personal favourite :P (31/3/98)
Fall Lyrics Parade
   It's a massive page and a slow link...but worth it (imho) (11/8/97)
Furniture - She Gets Out The Scrapbook (The Best Of)
   anyone remember 'I love your shoes' by furniture? (20/2/98)
Get You
   I can't stop giggling... (30/1/98)
Grandmaster Melle Mel and Duke Bootee - The Message
   *nothing* tops the message (9/4/98)
Gus Gus
Herbaliser - Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks
   Don't ya love realvideo, the industry must be so worried about the quality of it taking over from TV & Video (25/6/98)
Invisibl Skratch Piklz
Jeff Buckley - SKETCHES for My Sweetheart The Drunk
   what DNA... (19/4/98)
Kylie Minogue - diditagain.ram
   raaay! (18/11/97)
   .... at last... (25/7/97)
   waydaminid!!! forget winona..... (15/9/97)
Lol's Current Projects
   A site belonging to Lol Creme (ex-10cc) (22/3/98)
Massive Attack
   17 days to the G, 3D and Mushroom storm with their new album... (27/3/98)
Massive Attack
   If ya can't get hold of a copy all full tracks in RA (20/4/98)
NewsPage - Gary Glitter
   "Gary Glitter" AND "Roald Dahl" (31/3/98)
   the Oklahoma State University Marching Tubas (15/6/98)
Oi! BackChat - Kylie Minogue
   Kleber mention at top, and Pickles flatmate foto at bot. (23/3/98)
Orb - orbradio.ram
   wierd and wonderful orb-ness (24/2/98)
Osmond Homepage
   Danny and Donny separated at birth? (25/11/97)
   spilt me ketchup (14/1/98)
Placebo Home Page
   they're the testiculos della dog (27/1/97)
Primal Scream - primal.ra
   The Kevin Shields remix of "If They Move, Kill 'Em" (17/2/98)
Prodigy - prodi1_7.ram
   about14minutesinthisblewmymindandthatwasat28.8k... (18/12/96)
Run DMC - tonight, you're gonna see some breakin' and some scratchin' an then' some more breakin!
   well... i'm bored and pissed off and wales lost... had to do something to cheer me up.... (21/2/98)
SHAG | SHAGSite On Tha Webb | Welcome
   'nuf said (2/12/97)
Those Darn Accordions! Home Page
   can somebody find me a picture of michelle gayle!!! (21/3/97)
Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon
You ain't seen me, right... - George Michael caught 'redhanded' in gay sex act!
   Jokes about random jerking with no rhythm or sensitivity (8/4/98)
   massive meet pink floyd (30/3/98)
astralwerks highfidelity :: for your listening pleasure
   WagonChrist Listening Party (17/6/98)
beastie boys: hello nasty
   includes full "Sabotage" video! (24/6/98)
deconstructing beck
   Post Modern or what? (3/4/98)
   GusGus are wonderful and even better live (13/1/98)
   god, i must have lost the plot to this tune a trillion times.... (17/4/98)
   oh my god (1/6/98)