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Blah, blah, blah, stuff about me. (You might prefer my CV/Résumé if you're a bullet point kind of person.) I'm currently Deputy Editor at Capital Interactive, the numeeja battalion of Capital Radio, where we produce sites for all their *ahem* fine radio stations like this. It's a thrill a minute in the world of showbiz. Apparently. The best thing is the National Gallery being only two minutes walk from my desk. This is the view from my window.

Before I joined Capital at the start of 1998 I was Webmaster at Syzygy where I did all that html, javascript malarkey. My ten months there was preceded by a generally fun time as 'Alpha Geek' (trans: Sys Admin) at the twice doomed mag that was Wired UK. It didn't have a website even while alive, such is the convention shattering nature of the digital revolution, but you can read Danny O'Brien's tale of the fall and fall of Wired UK v1 here. Before that I was doing bits and bobs in Bristol, like some modelmaking at Aardman Animations and studying Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of the West of England.

See if I'm in the Space Bar! Still here? I kind of started the Haddock mailing list in 1996, and a nicer bunch of embittered geeks I've yet to meet. You can keep up with the tried and tested URLs posted to the list at The Haddock Directory which I maintain. I'm also on the frequently excruciating UK Netmarketing list, Online Magic's Interactive TV list, and the David Foster Wallace list (or I was until the system sensed I never got round to reading the emails and stopped sending them). Most days I read stuff on The Well and also sit quietly in the corner of Space Bar out of habit. The icon on the left shows you whether I'm on Space Bar right now, which is a wonderfully simple and cool idea, but not something you're likely to need to know. Which reminds me; if you don't already you should subscribe to Need to Know.

That's about it really. I like films (Hal Hartley, Whit Stillman, Woody Allen), music (a shrinking list of generally indie stuff, current faves being Sleater-Kinney, That Dog and Beth Orton), reading (eg, David Foster Wallace and Douglas Coupland) - all those 'Other Interests' activities which any other living, breathing, semi-sentient human enjoys. I went to Burning Man in 1997 and took some photos. You can send me an email.