This is an archived version of my home page from 2000.
The current version of this timeline is here.

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  Houston MS in Studies of the Future at University of Houston-Clear Lake
It seemed like a good idea when I was sick of London. And the weather is certainly a great improvement. You can see the papers I've been writing, many of which I really like.
    Deputy Editor at Capital Interactive
Ugh, too, too long. The shallow fun of meeting stars didn't make up for having to listen to Capital all day.
  Amsterdam photos
  1998 Life drawings
  1997 Webmaster at Syzygy
It was OK. But everyone else ran away about the same time I did. I cobbled stuff together for sites such as Cartoon Network UK, Excite UK, Pepsi UK, the V&A, Wilkinson Sword, WPP, and, erm, Whiskas.
SW USA photos
  London Burning Man photos
  Haddock Directory
  1996 Alpha Geek at Wired UK
I wasn't that geeky, but I managed to blag a job as sysadmin and they were crazy days when any job title seemed possible. I couldn't believe I had a job there, and it was all thanks to v1.0 going pear shaped. But eventually v2.0 also disappeared. The new economy's so fickle. I've yet to enjoy a job as much as the first few months there.
    Page Layout Artist, Bristol United Press
A part-time job sticking laser-printed "news" onto the Evening Post's pages with a scalpel, hot wax and black tape.
  Modelmaker at Aardman Animations
Freelance, and more off than on. But it was fun, and the biggest pay cheques I could then imagine. Worked on ads for Chevron, Lurpak, Weetos, and a couple of days on A Close Shave.
  Freelance Illustrator
I made £100 from one illustration in GQ. I was glad when I lucked out at Aardman.
  BA Graphics & Illustration at UWE
Had a great time, and loved Bristol which was why I stayed. Made lots of fantastic friends; made many stupidly arty (as opposed to good) things; wimped out and avoided far too many parties; learnt a lot; did some paintings rather than spend my time on those nasty computers; went on an amazing mystery field trip to Berlin, Innsbruck, Venice and Bognor Regis; saw stars explode in a Martian sky; learnt about old Dutch paintings; discovered how much I enjoy movies; made many, many things out of mounting board; discovered how much I enjoy going to gigs; got drunk; cycled up and down hills; failed to learn French. (One of these is not true.)
  Crittall photos
  Witham La Defense photos
  Foundation Course at Braintree College
Wow, you can do this art stuff all the time! I learnt how to do things other than the small black and white pen drawings of which I had previously been so proud.