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Frequently Asked Questions What does Byliner do?
Byliner regularly grabs all the headlines from a selection of news/magazine websites. We then organise all these stories by their authors. If you join Byliner, you can choose from our list of writers and make a list of your favourites. Once you've made the list, every time you return to Byliner we'll show you the stories your writers have published since your last visit. (top)

Why do I need Byliner?
Maybe you continually return to certain websites only to read articles by the same writers each time. Maybe you like a writer who only publishes new stories occasionally and you don't want to miss them. Either way, Byliner will save you time and hassle by bringing all the stories by your favourite writers together in one place. (top)

How do I set up my list of writers?
If you've already joined, then simply go to the complete list of writers or the charts. Every writer has an "add to my list" link -- click this to add the writer to your list. (top)

How do I choose from so many writers?
Life's full of difficult decisions isn't it? One way to narrow down the field would be to see which writers everyone likes -- look at the charts of the most popular writers and stories. Otherwise, look through the sites we index, find a writer you like on one of them, and come back to Byliner and add them to your list. (top)

Why do no stories show up for my writers on the front page?
Every time you return to Byliner you'll see the stories from your writers since your last visit. If you rarely see any new stories it could be that the writers on your list don't publish new stories very frequently. (top)

Why can't I find my favourite writer here?
We only index stories on certain websites. If you can't find a particular writer on Byliner, then we haven't found a story by them on these sites. If you know this is wrong, and a writer has published a story on one of these sites recently, then email us and we'll try to fix the problem. If your favourite writer writes for a site we don't yet index, and you think we should, tell us about it! (top)

Why don't you include stories and writers from my favourite website?
While we'd like to index every website in existance we don't yet have the resources to do so. Until we do, however, if there is a site you'd like us to index, let us know and we'll do our best. (top)

There is a story on a site indexed by Byliner, but it hasn't appeared on Byliner. Why?
We do our best to pick up every story on every website we include. However, there are a number of things that can go wrong. Firstly, some sites occasionally change the format of their layout for special stories, and there's a chance our scripts may not pick these up. Secondly, some sites include such a large number of pages that it's impossbile to tell which ones contain the new stories. We do our best, but may miss something here; tell us if we do! Finally, if a website changes its layout this may hinder our automated scripts. We'll fix this as soon as we notice the problem, but if you think we haven't done so yet, again, tell us. (top)

Why are the dates on some of the links to stories incorrect?
The dates attributed to stories are the dates on which they are added to Byliner. Usually this is the same as the date on which they are published (although time zone differences could result in them being a day out in some situations). While most stories are added automatically, stories by authors not yet in Byliner's database must be approved manually. Because the site is run in my free time there can be a delay between the publishing of such a story and its being added to Byliner. This delay is usually a few days, but could be over a month. In short, dates are a guide only. (top)

Can I advertise on Byliner?
Maybe. At the moment we're only advertising a few select sites. If you have a cool site of your own you want to advertise, email us and tell us why you should be allowed to advertise for free (but don't attach any images). If you're non-commercial, that'll make a lot of difference. Of course, we reserve the right to sell out with no notice and accept advertising from anyone who will pay us. (top)

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