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My list of writers

Name Most recent story 
Anjali Arora2 Jul 2001Remove
Elinor Abreu24 May 2001Remove
Craig Bicknell19 Oct 2000Remove
Declan McCullagh1 Jun 2002Remove
Joyce Millman7 Aug 2002Remove
Christopher Hitchens28 Jan 2003Remove
Julie Burchill25 Jan 2003Remove
Janelle Brown16 Jan 2003Remove
Greil Marcus21 Jan 2003Remove
10 Naomi Klein16 Jan 2003Remove
11 Paul Foot22 Jan 2003Remove
12 Carl Steadman5 Mar 2001Remove
13 Clay Shirky25 May 2001Remove
14 Camille Paglia24 May 2001Remove

(Lists are currently limited to 20 writers.)

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