The costume drawings on the following pages have been chosen as representative of the design work of John H. Bartlett.

He is known for an exuberant  and highly decorative style based on a close study of historical authenticity. Nowadays this degree of theatricality comes expensive, and the tendency is to use this style purely for musicals and the operatic stage.

The drawings themselves are unusual in the present age, and are closer in style to the work of Benois, Bakst, Erte and Wilhelm, all of whom have had a considerable influence on John's work. The artwork is  highly finished and immensely detailed. John combines his actor's instinct with his historical researches to convey a strong sense of individual character to an audience, and to help the performer establish a stage identity. - Sadly, John H Bartlett died in Dec 2002. His talent and love of the theatre died with him.....
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