Brando per Quattro Pastore e Quattro Ninfe comes from Cesare Negri's 1602 collection of music and dance notations Le Gratie d'Amore. A late Renaissance court dance for 4 'nymphs' and 4 'shepherds'  it was especially choreographed for a Milan wedding celebration of 1599.
It is essentially a theatre piece for the enjoyment of spectators and is an early version of the spectacular dances for courtiers that characterised court festivities of the Baroque period. These designs seek to recreate the fancifully rich costumes Renaissance courtiers affected for Classical and Pastoral figures.

Designs for a programme of Renaissance and Baroque dance by
The Loosemore Dancers

The Fete of Parnassus
is a miniature Masque in the Baroque style devised for The Loosemore Dancers by John H. Bartlett with choreographies by Anne Cottis to music from John Blow's
Venus and Adonis.

Heralded by Mercury, welcomed by Orpheus, and with Apollo in attendance, Jove and Mnemosyne descend on Mount Parnassus to celebrate with their daughters, the Muses.