The Thames Watermen in the Century of Revolution

has A book about the watermen in this era of transformation, as much for themselves as for society at large. The watermen's quest for a voice in their company won a spectacular success in the English Revolution of 1640 - 1660. ...

Self-determination and the London Transport Workers in the Century of Revolution

A shorter piece, drawn from the above, and detailing the gains of the London porters and carters as well as those of the watermen.
(On the website The English People's Revolution 1640 - 1660)

The First Waterman's Hall

The first hall was not, as has been commonly supposed, at Coldharbour, but at the Three Cranes. Adapted from The Thames Watermen.

Watermen Biographies

Biographical notes of some 17th-century company rulers and other watermen. (Appendix 3 of The Thames Watermen.)

A Muster of the Watermen, 1629

An Admiralty muster or census made in February 1628/9, listing the name, living or plying place, age and number of naval voyages (if any) of each waterman on the Thames.

The Democratic Revolution in the Company of Thames Watermen, 1641 - 1642

The original famous article.

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