DNA databanks without consent


The state government in South Carolina, USA, have been keeping DNA records of all babies since 1995 without the consent of parents. Some of this data has now been passed on to a genetics laboratory and the State Law Enforcement Division despite previous reassurances by state officials. There won't be much that's still private soon... (via Politech)

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i was utterly disgusted to read this and find out what the state government in south carolina has been doing. doin this without the parents consent. you people should be ashamed of yourself! i myself am a doctor and your meant to help people, not use them for experimental reasons.

Ummmmm..... Thank you Dr. Buttmunch (is Caz your real first name?)

Regarding the DNA databanks- in SC or anywhere else- the collection of fingerprints in the name of child safety is no better. These unsuspecting parents are putting their children on Big Brother's list awfully early these days.

So let's say a child is kidnapped... what do these rocket scientist propose to do? Check the prints against every kid in America? The world?

Thank you, but no.

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