CIA's global technology revolution

Subtitled "Bio/Nano/Materials Trends and Their Synergies with Information Technology by 2015" this report contains two main chapters: first, a detailed look at the current state of the technologies and where they might progress to by 2015. Second, a discussion of what factors may cause them to either take off or stagnate, and the effects of both scenarios. While it acknowledges that trends of all kinds can have profound effects on each other, much of the report is written as if nothing outside technology exists -- necessary, given its purpose, but kind of odd. However, a couple of good quotes:

Just as computer skills are becoming more important today, a basic capability to work with or use new materials and processess involving biology and micro/nanosystems will likely be required [by the overall workforce].
Taken together, these trends indicate that technology is having a cultural effect. Modes of social interaction are changing. Both ideas and norms are influenced by newly introduced standards and the wider access to other cultural approaches.

(via Futurescan)

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