Flying cars!

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A California, USA, company has developed a flying car with vertical take-off. It's obviously still being tested but it looks like fun. Even if such vehicles are never used for commuting I could well imagine them being raced around aerial courses. The crashes would be even more spectacular than in Formula 1! (via Boing Boing)

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Flying Car Options from on August 29, 2004 1:38 AM

In commenting on the Space Race story, Zach pointed out that the Moller Skycar is still under development (which is better than going bankrupt or just disappearing -- like so Read More


i belive that we don't need flying cars because say if you sudenly ran out of fuel you will be falling to the earth and what a mess that will and as well how would we get the traffic lights up there

its almost 2003 and all the the new cars comming out are not so new. Where is all of the great technological advances. Is their some kind of regulation in effect that says only a givin amount of new tech.advances are allowed in a givin amount of time????

I promise the human race, real, mass produced, safe, flying cars shall be available in the near future. It shall be very far from the concept of most illustrations like that of moller's which resembles more of a jet, and the like, but something that really floats slowly in the air, and then zooms past the traffic! That indeed should be the design factors of flying cars. I'll keep you posted. iCONVERGENCE INTERNATIONAL. RE-INVENTING PLANET EARTH.

Wow! Flying cars sound like a great idea; how cool it would be to be free to drive(fly, maybe) whereever you want to w/o any obstacles or traffic lights to get in your way. I sure hope these cars are invented hopefully before my great-great grandchild is born so that I get to share in some of the fun while being relatively young!

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