No more

Anyone following this weblog will know that it's been sporadic at best for a long time. It seems sensible to make it officially dead, rather than occasionally trickle a couple of posts in every few months. So there'll be no more posts here for the foreseeable future.

Even though I rarely post anything here, I feel that I should every time I happen across something vaguely future-oriented elsewhere. But reposting things friends have found and posted to their sites doesn't make for a worthwhile weblog, and I'd prefer to relieve myself of that nagging obligation.

Keeping a topic-specific weblog going is a lot more work than a personal weblog in my experience -- research takes more time and there's more of a pressure to maintain a standard for one's peers. I can't hope to devote the time to this.

Also, these days, there are far more sites posting futures stuff than when I started the site, so it's not hard for people to find interesting things elsewhere. Maybe Overmorgen well get going again someday, but for now it's definitely closed. The archives will stay as they are.

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