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I’m not clear whether this is new or not but, via the Futures weblog, the Ontario College of Art and Design offers a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation:

Visions of 2058 for the Tate gallery

The Tate Modern art gallery in London, UK, has a competition to write short stories about life in London(?) in 2058:

2008 Bioneers Conference

Another conference, also in the US: Bioneers has some interesting-sounding things although as this WorldChanging post says, “it was every bit as hippy as people say it is.”

Pop!Tech 2008

The Pop!Tech 2008 conference is underway and it sounds great. Summaries of many presentations are on their blog and you can also watch video. A shame (for me) that it’s in America but fantastic that anyone can watch it all for free.

London Futures Symposium

I know very little about this but there’s a one day mini futures conference (also on Upcoming) in central London in November. There are four talks:

What's Next

What's Next is an Australian bi-monthly (is that twice a month or once every two months?) futures newsletter that seems to summarise events and trends in a dozen categories. They have a sample of a single category and you can sign up if you have £95 to spare... (via Steve Bowbrick)

Futures journal for librarians

Library Futures Quarterly ("Intelligence Reports for Library Strategists") is a journal of which I hadn't previously heard. It's a pay-for paper thing, but looks like it could be interesting and there are some free features including a small section of sporadically updated free articles and an occasional email newsletter. I like futures stuff that's tightly focussed on a single domain -- it's evidence there are people putting the techniques to use outside the little world of pure futurists.

The Arlington Institute's FUTUREdition

I can't remember reading any of these erratically-published email newsletters before, but I suppose I must have received them. A few interesting links in there (like NASA's bionic eyes), but it does give the impression that most of The Arlington Institute's scanning is done at the BBC's Sci/Tech news page. However, despite its lack of wow factor and its interminable length, the newsletter does serve as a useful summary of how mainstream events fit into a series of interesting trends.

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