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Over at Cool Tools, they’re running a competition to find the most useful books about particular activities. From an earlier post:

Help us fortify our library of useful books by submitting your favorite text for a particular subject including an explanation of why you think it’s essential. We want to feature that dog-eared book that you wouldn’t lend to a friend for fear you wouldn’t get it back. It can be the best beginner’s guide, or a slightly more advanced technical manual detailing materials or techniques. If you can, please include scans of pages that we can use to illustrate the book’s content. This has been done before but never with any insight or explanation of what makes the book useful or cool.

What’s the essential book for carpenters? Metalsmiths? Landscape designers? Tailors or seamstresses? What about information design? Or sous vide? Tanning or taxidermy? Home brewing? Car repair? Bicycle frame building? The list goes on and on.

Every trade and hobby has their own bible, and we want to identify and collect them all in one place so that others may benefit.

Sounds good! So head on over there and post your suggestion in the comments, to help others and for a chance of winning a prize.

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Love the idea and site you’ve developed. Was precisely what I was looking for. I think I eventually discovered it with the search phrase ’rounded education reading list’.

That’s what I’m essentially after; knowledge over a wide breadth of important subject areas. Although I did well in school and gained entry to a good university, I feel there are gaping holes in my education as a whole. What you’ve done here is start to provide a roadmap for anyone wishing to fill these holes in. Thanks very much!

Posted by Paul at 11pm, 20 March 2012 #