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Ask MetaFilter’s best introductory books

A list of most of the books suggested on the 2007 Ask MetaFilter thread “What single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople?”

Alternatives to books

Looking at alternatives to traditional books.

The reading list: 3. How do we choose the books?

How do we work out what the Best Books are?

The reading list: 2. What subjects?

What subjects should be covered in a reading list that tries to cover everything?

The reading list: 1. How many books?

The first question we need to answer when constructing the reading list.

The seven ways

What does ‘Septivium’ mean?

The Best Books

How do you find out which are the very best books to read in order to learn about a particular subject?

Welcome to Septivium

An introduction to how the idea for this site occurred to me.