About my work

I design and develop things on the internet in London, UK.

I’ve been planning, designing, editing and programming great websites since 1995. On the front end I aim for responsive and accessible HTML, CSS/Sass and JavaScript, including some D3.js. On the back end I usually use Python (mainly Django, sometimes Flask), occasionally PHP and, inevitably, WordPress.

I am available to work on a freelance basis, so if you have an interesting project please do email me.

Most recent freelance work

MoMA Exhibition Seplunker

MoMA Exhibition Seplunker

With Good, Form & Spectacle for the Museum of Modern Art, exploring 60 years of exhibition data, built using Django and D3.js. Learn more…

Waddesdon Bequest screenshot

Waddesdon Bequest

With Good, Form & Spectacle for the British Museum, a Sinatra-based site bringing a unique collection to the screen. Learn more…


From 2014-15 I was at Citizens Advice, developing prototypes of new digital services and content using PHP (Laravel), JavaScript and Sass.

From 2013-14 I worked at Berg, where I was:

  • Designing and writing new publications for Little Printer (Ruby and Sinatra).
  • Developing new Little Printer features (Ruby on Rails).
  • Creating tools for developers (PHP, JavaScript).
  • Writing developer documentation and example projects (PHP, Python, Ruby).
  • Creating new websites (Sass, JavaScript).
  • Acting as an Agile delivery manager.

Read more about my work at Berg.

Earlier freelance work (2003-2013)

St Paul’s School
Taking front-end templates by Clearleft, a new website using Craft CMS and bespoke plugins.
Working with Clearleft (design and front-end) I developed (using Django) this new long-form journalism website, funded by purchases and subscribers, subsequently bought by Medium.
With BERG and designer James King, I developed an experimental online news-reading experience for the Guardian, based on some earlier work of mine. Learn more…
With Really Interesting Group I built a service (using Django) that lets people share the stories of things they own. Learn more…
Dreams Of Your Life
An online experience for Film4 by Hide&Seek. I did nearly all the development (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery) during the iterative process. Learn more…
Prototyping new products
I worked on internal prototype projects for Google in San Francisco, Daylife in New York and, as part of Really Interesting Group, Nokia Advanced Design in Los Angeles.
A website for Channel 4 Education by Somethin’ Else. I worked on the initial wireframing of the site and did all front-end development. Learn more…
Working with Six To Start, a web-based game to explore the world of the E4 TV drama, Misfits. All development by myself, using PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS and JavaScript (OpenLayers and jQuery). Learn more…
A website for the BBC that tracks millions of weblogs, Twitter, etc to help people discover the TV and radio programmes being discussed most. Working with BERG to plan and wireframe the site, plus creating the final HTML/CSS. Learn more…
Ununited Eurasia
A world-wide treasure hunt based around a website to promote a new single by Muse. Developed by myself for Six To Start, the rapid development resulted in 50,000 registered users in a week and 200,000 unique visitors over two weeks. Learn more…
Show Us a Better Way and Building Democracy
For the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Justice respectively, the sites encouraged individuals and organisations to pitch ideas for websites to be built with government funds. Both were made using TypePad and custom PHP-based form submission.
Crime Mapping
Working with BERG we developed proof-of-concept designs for the Cabinet Office of how ideal local police crime maps could work.
BBC homepage
A colleague and I were commissioned to develop a new editorial focus for the bbc.co.uk homepage for 12-18 months in the future.
BBC Programmes
Working at the BBC I developed the HTML and CSS for the first version of this site which provides permanent pages for every BBC TV and radio programme broadcast.
I developed the initial HTML/CSS templates for the social travel website.
I was responsible for developing the structural and graphical design for some of the behind-the-scenes processes for advertisers on the youth-oriented mobile phone network.
The Time When
A prototype website developed in collaboration with the BBC. The aim was to both aggregate events that happened on individual days in history and also allow people to write their own memories of those dates and share them with others. An internal team later developed Memoryshare based on the prototype.
BBC Innovation Labs
I designed and built the website for this annual project using Movable Type. It is used to encourage companies to enter the competition and allows the winners to post updates during their week working together. It was planned so it could easily be re-used each year.
Working with Poke, I was responsible for the site’s PHP, Perl, MySQL, XHTML, CSS and integrating Movable Type and phpBB. The site won a Webby Award in 2005.
I prepared many XHTML/CSS templates for the new social software development site from designs developed in-house, and trouble-shooted existing templates. These had to allow users freedom to create their own custom applications without disrupting Ning’s own structure.
TV Archive Search for BBC
Long before iPlayer or /programmes, using television programme data taken from broadcast streams I designed and built an internal site for the BBC to demonstrate alternative methods of navigating a massive archive of TV shows. eg, tagging, rating, social networks, etc.
Collaborating with other volunteers, I was responsible for the site’s XHTML and CSS, most of its initial PHP and some of its design and architecture. (I am no longer working on the project.)
Other clients
I have also worked on a variety of successful projects for companies such as the Sci Fi Channel, London School of Economics, Royal Society of Chemistry, FT.com, Nature, Campbell-Lange Workshop, Digit, Syzygy, Wilson Fletcher and Fast Future.

Before 2003

Before I began freelancing I worked in a range of capacities at companies such as Wired magazine (Alpha Geek), Capital Radio (Deputy Editor) and UpMyStreet.com (Creative Technologist).

I have also created and run several personal projects such as The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Twelescreen, Today’s Guardian, Our Incredible Journey, Crazy Walls, Pretend Office, Septivium, Overmorgen and Haddock.

Other details are available on my timeline. If you have any questions, do email me.

Last updated: 6 February 2016