Other things at

An archive of older versions of this and other sites
Examples of versions of this site from 1995 onwards, and a few of my other past projects.
Hiragana and Katakana practice
For practicing your knowledge of Japanese characters.
An archive of some GeoCities sites
I created a local copy of some strangers’ GeoCities sites before Yahoo! destroyed them.
Using a Windows keyboard on a Mac
Because I couldn’t find any better solutions, I wrote my own guide to using a British Windows keyboard on a Mac. No, not thrilling, but useful.
HotWired Demo site from 1995
A small version of HotWired. More information here.
Doonesbury via RSS
An RSS file that links to the most recent Doonesbury strips. You can read more about the file.
Way Back Machine Bookmarklet
If you “install” this link on your browser you can then instantly view an old version of whatever page you’re viewing at the click of a button. It’s magic!
Domesday Witham
My first web project (since re-designed), about the English town of Witham during the 11th century. Based on a booklet by my mother…
Janet’s Witham History
Details of books written by my mother about the town where I grew up.
My First Bookmarks
Transcribed with nostalgia from the original sheets of lined A4.,,…