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One true partner

It's often said that each of us has one true partner in the world. Strangely, this is frequently used in an attempt to comfort those who are single; "Don't worry, there's someone out there for you. You'll meet them sooner or later." Excuse me? It's hardly a comfort. Now "Don't worry, there's one million people out there who are your ideal match", that would at least give me a chance of meeting one of them before I reach pensionable age.

To see exactly* how little chance you have of meeting your 'soulmate' before you die alone and unloved, you simply have to fill out this little form (assuming your browser knows JavaScript. Life's never easy, is it?).

What's your current age?
How many people of your preferred sex,
who you haven't met before,
do you meet in an average week?

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(* This is 'exactly' in a completely inexact and unscientific sense. There are plenty of reasons why the maths behind this form is wrong. For example, your other half may well exist somewhere now, but he/she could die tomorrow. Or maybe they won't in fact be born for another 20 years. But hey, "there's someone out there for you" is hardly a solid scientific fact to begin with, right? Right?)