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Briefly, as it's late and I should be in bed...
This is going to be a collection of 'articles' I've written, about anything that takes my fancy. Basically, I've been meaning to write anything for ages now, and the only way I can motivate myself to do it is to put it up here for people to read. They're very quick, could do with more work, and hopefully they'll improve as I get more experienced, but it's a start. All being well, I'll write a new one every week or two.

Night night!

So I wrote that when I was young and foolish, with naivety and innocence oozing from my eyes like a particularly unpleasant infection. Just a few months ago in fact. As you may notice, I've written precisely three pages since the start of the year (well, four counting the rather too personal one that got trashed rather than uploaded). Not an impressive hit rate, but I'm sure you'll cope OK.