Joys and Consolations

"...They are in love,
they have always been in love,
although sometimes
they would have denied it.
And because
they have been in love
they have survived everything
that life could throw
at them..."

"Love and Marriage" LIFE
September 29, 1961

Pliny the Younger to his wife, Calpurnia
Mozart to his wife, Constanze
Matthew Flinders to his wife, Ann
John Constable to Maria Bicknell
Sophia Peabody to Nathaniel Hawthorne
Elizabeth Barrett to Robert Browning
Anton Chekhov to Olga Knipper
Robert Peary to his wife, Jo
Winston Churchill to his wife, Clementine

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Text from
Famous Love Letters
Messages of Intimacy and Passion
Edited by Ronald Tamplin