(SADLY - JOHN DIED ON THE 12TH DECEMBER 2002...DEEPLY MISSED BY ALL WHO KNEW HIM. This site will keep his memory alive and any queries are welcome- replace (at) with @ in e-mail address).............. Here you can learn about the British actor and designer John H. Bartlett and his repertoire of solo performances of: --
Oscar Wilde recalls
"That Tiger Life"

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The Rape of the Locke

Pope's joyous satire of 18th century fashion

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John H. Bartlett trained as an actor at London's Central School of Speech & Drama: his subsequent career has been divided between acting and designing.
ACTING has included  parts as varied as Benvolio in Romeo & Juliet, Petrovyan in Chase me Comrade, and countless Police Constables in Agatha Christie mysteries. More recently Banquo in Macbeth, Bishop of Carlisle in Richard II, Andrew Wyke in Sleuth and with the avant garde group Angelcast he was The Voice in Archangel of Industry, Bookkeeper in Storehouse and Father MacEvoy in The Raw & the Cooked. He was The Bookseller in > He is now best known for his solo performances of Pope's The Rape of the Locke and "That Tiger Life".
Notable achievements in the field of DESIGN have been several seasons at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, The Prisoner of Zenda at Chichester and The Doctor's Dilemma for Bristol Old Vic. John has designed for many of the British theatre's best known stars; his costume drawings are collected as works of art in their own right, and have been seen in important exhibitions at Chichester Festival Theatre and the Royal National Theatre.
His interest in the classic repertoire of the stage is informed by extensive researches into Period manners and movement, into the history of art and theatre practices, and into
Renaissance and Baroque Dance.
John also contributes frequently to The Stage Newspaper writing on the colourful history of the theatre.
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The Rape of the Locke
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That Tiger Life
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