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Appendix 2

Time chart of rulers' appointments, 1623 - 64

For source references for rulers' appointments, see Appendix 1.

     Rulers are listed in order of their first year of service. A '()' (bullet in brackets) means that the waterman was chosen but didn't actually serve at that time. (Watermen who were elected but never served are not included in the table.) Where a ruler served earlier than the earliest date shown in the table heads, the dates are given in a footnote.

     The table dramatically illustrates the almost-total break in rulerships at the 1641 - 42 conjuncture. It also shows the sharp fall in multiple appointments (more than twice) of particular rulers after the revolution, although the old custom of appointments for two consecutive years became re-established after the early 1640s.

     Warning: two rulers of the same name are sometimes, no doubt, rolled into one. There were, for example, two Thomas Consetts (probably father and son) living at Barnes (see their entry in Appendix 3).

Edwin, Tho.1Edwin, Tho.Edwin, Tho.
Haynes, James2Haynes, JamesHaynes, James
Sheffeild, D.3Sheffeild, D.Sheffeild, D.
Bartlett, And.4Bartlett, And.Bartlett, And.
Taylor, JohnTaylor, JohnTaylor, John
Langley, Anth.Langley, Anth.Langley, Anth.
Lucas, Andrew()Lucas, AndrewLucas, Andrew
Norman, Nich.Norman, Nich.Norman, Nich.
Bateman, Nich.Bateman, Nich.Bateman, Nich.
Clarke, RobertClarke, RobertClarke, Robert
Parry, DavidParry, DavidParry, David
Platt, Edm.5Platt, Edm.Platt, Edm.
Angell, Rich.Angell, Rich.Angell, Rich.
Church, JohnChurch, JohnChurch, John
Somers, Herc.Somers, Herc.Somers, Herc.
Burnham, Tho.Burnham, Tho.Burnham, Tho.
Kellock, John()Kellock, JohnKellock, John
Middleton, Phil.Middleton, Phil.Middleton, Phil.
Warner, Nowell()Warner, NowellWarner, Nowell
Wright, Simon6?Wright, SimonWright, Simon
Chambers, Edm.7??Chambers, Edm.Chambers, Edm.
Consett, Tho.Consett, Tho.Consett, Tho.
Lee, JohnLee, JohnLee, John
Spencer, Edw.Spencer, Edw.Spencer, Edw.
Davis, JohnDavis, JohnDavis, John
Smith, JohnSmith, JohnSmith, John
Bell, AnthonyBell, AnthonyBell, Anthony
Evans, AronEvans, Aron
Fosse, JohnFosse, JohnFosse, John
Gapper, Isaac?Gapper, IsaacGapper, Isaac
Meirs, Chris.Meirs, Chris.Meirs, Chris.
Bray, ThomasBray, ThomasBray, Thomas
Lovedale, Robt.Lovedale, Robt.Lovedale, Robt.
Strange, TilburyStrange, TilburyStrange, Tilbury
Goodman, Edw.Goodman, Edw.Goodman, Edw.
Peirce, JohnPeirce, JohnPeirce, John
Smith, Wm.8Smith, Wm.Smith, Wm.
Cottrell, Edw.Cottrell, Edw.Cottrell, Edw.
Howe, JamesHowe, JamesHowe, James
Davys, Walter?Davys, WalterDavys, Walter
Kirkham, JohnKirkham, JohnKirkham, John
Arthur, Richard9Arthur, RichardArthur, Richard
Black, ThomasBlack, ThomasBlack, Thomas
Brafferton, JohnBrafferton, JohnBrafferton, John
Meredith, Robt.Meredith, Robt.Meredith, Robt.
Rashborowe, Wm.Rashborowe, Wm.Rashborowe, Wm.
Coomes, Robt.10Coomes, Robt.11Coomes, Robt.
Russell, HenryRussell, HenryRussell, Henry
Sibson, ThomasSibson, ThomasSibson, Thomas
Buckland, Rich.12Buckland, Rich.Buckland; Rich.
Browne, JohnBrowne, JohnBrowne, John
Bursey, RobertBursey, RobertBursey, Robert
Crispine, JohnCrispine, JohnCrispine, John
Dutton, HughDutton, HughDutton, Hugh
Harris, JohnHarris, JohnHarris, John
Lacy, GeorgeLacy, GeorgeLacy George
Turner, Rich.13Turner, RichardTurner, Richard
Blackman, Tho.14Blackman, Tho.Blackman, Tho.
Howard, PhillipHoward, PhillipHoward, Phillip
Hutchins, Rich.()Hutchins, Rich.
Nelson, Nich.Nelson, Nich.Nelson, Nich.
Price, MathewePrice, MathewePrice, Mathewe
Robert, Alex.Robert, Alex.Robert, Alex.
Smith, GilbertSmith, GilbertSmith, Gilbert
Urian, Tobie15Urian, TobieUrian, Tobie
Blackwell, Wm.Blackwell, Wm.Blackwell, Wm.
Gore, EdwardGore, EdwardGore, Edward
Kettle, GeorgeKettle, GeorgeKettle, George
Lewis, GeorgeLewis, GeorgeLewis, George
Lowe, ThomasLowe, ThomasLowe, Thomas
Nowell, JohnNowell, JohnNowell, John
Parker, Chris.Parker, Chris.16Parker, Chris.
Perkins, Rich.Perkins, Rich.Perkins, Rich.
Archby, GeorgeArchby, GeorgeArchby, George
Hurleburt, Rich.Hurleburt, Rich.Hurleburt, Rich.
Rowe, ThomasRowe, ThomasRowe, Thomas
Trulucke, Wm.Trulucke, Wm.Trulucke, Wm.
Yonge, PeterYonge, PeterYonge, Peter
Bartlett, JohnBartlett, JohnBartlett, John
Crawley, MartinCrawley, MartinCrawley, Martin
Farthinge, Rich.Farthinge, Rich.Farthinge, Rich.
Hicks, GeorgeHicks, GeorgeHicks, George
Lin, John17Lin, JohnLin, John
Seawell, Tho.Seawell, Tho.Seawell, Tho.
Coulson, JohnCoulson, JohnCoulson, 
Price, ThomasPrice, ThomasPrice, Thomas
Browne, RobBrowne, RobBrowne, Rob
Clarke, JohnClarke, John?Clarke, John
Foster, Wm.Foster, Wm.Foster, Wm.
Goodale, Wm.Goodale, Wm.Goodale, Wm.
Hudson, Marm.Hudson, Marm.Huson, Marm.
Benning, Wm.Benning, Wm.Benning, Wm.
Hall, JohnHall, JohnHall, John
Hobson, DennisHobson, DennisHobson, Dennis
Nash, NicholasNash, NicholasNash, Nicholas
Nutt, RichardNutt, RichardNutt, Richard
Williams, HenryWilliams, HenryWilliams, Henry
Batty, JohnBatty, JohnBatty, 
Bromwich, Wm.18Bromwich, Wm.Bromwich, Wm.
Godwin, Edw.Goslyn, Edw.??(?)Gollin Edw.
Powell, RichardPowell, RichardPowell, Richard
Buttor, JohnButtor, JohnButtor, John
Cheeseman, Wm.Cheeseman, Wm.Cheeseman, Wm.
Hopkins, Wm.Hopkins, Wm.Hopkins, Wm.
Spirre, Geo.19Spirre, GeorgeSpirre, George
Stanford, JohnStanford, JohnStanford, John
Watson, JohnWatson, JohnWatson, John
Bartlett, Rich.Bartlett, Rich.Bartlett, Rich.
Vaughan, Fra.Vaughan, Fra.Vaughan, Fra.
Osborne, Nich.Osborne, Nich.Osborne, Thomas
Waters, ThomasWaters, ThomasWaters, Thomas
Bromwick, Fra.Bromwick, Fra.Bromwick, Fra.
Bromwick, Nich.Bromwick, Nich.Bromwick, Nich.
Elton, GeorgeElton, GeorgeElton, George
Seale, GeorgeSeale, GeorgeSeale, George
Bonnick, Nath.Bonnick, Nath.Bonnick, Nath.
Browne, PeterBrowne, PeterBrowne, Peter
Burrowes, Mat.Burrowes, Mat.Burrowes, Mat.
Greene, Theo.Greene, Theo.Greene, Theo.
Hudson, PeterHudson, Peter20Hudson, Peter
Kendall, Rich.Kendal, Rich.Kendall, Rich.
Nayler, Wm.Nayler, Wm.Nayler, Wm.
Angood, ThomasAngood, ThomasAngood, Thomas
Plaistowe, Edw.Plaistowe, Edw.Plaistowe, Edw.
Redriffe, Tho,Redriffe, Tho.Redriffe, Tho.
Taylor, Wm.Taylor, Wm.Taylor, Wm.
Readinge, Tho.Readinge, Tho.Readinge, Tho.
Williams, Aug.Williams, Aug.21Williams,  Aug.
?Locker, John?Locker, John?Locker, John
Aylworth, JohnAylworth, JohnAylworth, John
Highlord, John22Highlord, JohnHighlord, John
Hudson, Rich.Hudson, Rich.Hudson, Rich.
Mott, ThomasMott, ThomasMott, Thomas
Pike, RichardPike, RichardPike, Richard
Sacks, JohnSacks, JohnSacks, John
Shephard, Rich.Shephard, Rich.Shephard, Rich.
Smart, ThomasSmart, ThomasSmart, Thomas
Hill, Chris.23Hill, Chris.Hill, Chris.
Hall, JamesHall, JamesHall, James
Hill, RobertHill, RobertHill, Robert
Lee, JosephLee, JosephLee, Joseph
Mitchell, Chas.Mitchell, Chas.Mitchell, Chas.
Roberts, Tho.Roberts, Tho.Roberts, Tho.
Smith, MarkeSmith, MarkeSmith, Marke


1. Thomas Edwin also served 1621, 1622. Back
2. James Haynes also served 1621, 1622. Back
3. David Sheffeild also served 1621, 1622. Back
4. Andrew Bartlett also served 1622. Back
5. Or Edward. Back
6. ? = 'White', 1627. Back
7.Or Edward. Back
8. A common name like 'William Smith' could quite easily mean two different people. Back
9. From 7 Nov. 1639. Back
10. Part of 1640. Back
11. From 14 April 1660. Back
12. Misspelled 'Bluckland'. See his entry in Appendix 3.  Back
13. Misspelled 'Truner'. Back
14. Also served at an unknown date before 1642. See Taylor, Commons Petition, p.5. Back
15. Or 'Tobias Urin'. Back
16. To 22 May 1660. Back
17. Or 'Lyn'. Back
18. Or 'Bromage'. Back
19. Or 'Spurre'. Back
20. Part of 1656. Back
21. To 22 May 1660. Back
22. Or 'Hylord'. Back
Back 23. Christopher Hill also served in (for example) 1667 and 1676.

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