Archbishopric of Riga

Silvester Stodewescher, 1448-1479

Stodewescher, family shield

The only coins struck by this Archbishop were scherfs and pfennigs. They were not dated, but can be recognized by the family shield of Silvester Stodewescher and his name in legend.
Mint: Riga.

SCHERF (Bracteate)

Scherf, ND
Data: Ag, 0.21 g, 12.0-14.0 mm
Description: The family shield of Silvester Stodewescher, radial lines around.
Coinage: ND(1448-1479)
References: Hal/97.412; Fed.346


Pfennig, ND
Data: Ag, 0.37-0.55 g, 13.0-14.0 mm
Description: Obv: The family shield of Silvester Stodewescher.
Legend around: *MONETA
Rev: Crossed cross and sceptre.
Legend around: *RIGENSIS
Coinage: ND(1448-1479)
References: Hal/97.411; Fed.344
Notes: At least 2 legend and detail varieties known.

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